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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Today my husband shared the message at our local church. I was beaming from ear to ear. I am SOOOO proud of him. He read the story of the 8 cow wife. Here is the link if you haven't heard the story. EVERY WOMAN should read it, but more importantly EVERY MAN Its just a FABULOUS true story.

Anyway, my husband shared this story and he read Proverbs 31 telling what is the mans responsibility in it. This is something that most people have never heard. The general idea of the message was that men should treat their wives well. To uplift and encourage them and help them to be all that they can be. Also to spend time with their families and to be generous to them. Oh I was TOUCHED. I think a lot of people were too. One man traveled a long way to see his family who live in our area. He said that the trip was worth it if only to hear my husbands message. Oh, I know it sounds like bragging, but I just can't help myself.
He wouldn't tell me what he was studying about yesterday. He acted real private. He went to the basement with the lap top. I was suspicious (because I have a horribly suspicious nature). I wanted to know what he was doing and what he was speaking about. He wouldn't budge. I contemplated using a ladder to look in the basement window. In my imagination all kinds of scenarios unfolded such as myself holding a baby hanging in mid air from a window groove. Eventually I forced myself to wait and find out what he would speak on like everybody else had to do. He used me in many examples while he was talking. Of course it was all good, but I wanted to hide behind the refrigerator. The church was packed and I didn't know what to do with all that attention focused toward me. The most important thing is that I really believe it will help marriages in our area and make life better for people as well as bring them closer to God. We also had incredible praise and worship. Some friends came from the city nearby to lead it.
On Friday we had Bible Study. It was bittersweet. The main couple we meet with are leaving for a week out of state. The foster children that they have cared for will be going to stay with a family member of theirs. They may not be coming back. It was hard to see them go not knowing if we would ever see the kids again.
My oldest son, pictured above, passed his GED this week with flying colors. He does not at all like the idea of being a "home school graduate". He has been quite reluctant to let me send out announcements and begin the hoopla. He would way rather go on with things just as they are. This is to his intelligence and credit. He knows life comes with responsibilities he's in no hurry to take on. A happy day for him is a care free one out in the forest looking for sheds, hunting or just hiking and observing undisturbed nature. Though he has looked at college programs, (other than on line college courses, we have all voted he enjoy some more years at home and take his time deciding what to do with his life.


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Allyson said...

Thanks for the comment. Just from reading your blog a bit, we would hit it off if we lived nearby! I love all thing outdoors (except cliff diving or things that involve jumping off something).

Can't wait to read more.


Heather said...

I wish I could've heard Kevin preach!

And by the way, we got our car back last night (Yipee!!).

Paige said...

I had never heard that story before. What a great one! A husband's love really does make his wife beautiful... as does Christ's love for us.