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Friday, May 15, 2009

Tough Question from a Six Year Old

Really, I am quite pathetic! After running 2 miles this morning with my friend, Mist, I am indulging in a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips melted on top. As if to thwart my slovenly behavior, part of the cookie burnt in the microwave and there is an odor of evidence. What will my family ever think when they return home and discover that I was in here blogging with cookies?

Today I have decided to tell you about my day yesterday, well part of it anyway. I really had wanted to get out in the kayak, but as you may have guessed, God had other plans for me. In the morning, I attended the church ladies Bible Study. It would have been good if Moonbeam had cooperated better. When I got home, everyone was famished and feeling quite neglected so I made them a huge pan full of rice with spaghetti sauce, misc veggies and bear burger. It didn't turn out very good, due to accidentally making way too much rice for the proportions. I have been forced to serve it as a meal for lunch, dinner and lunch again today. This has made them all feel further neglected. That meal scored no points in my favor.
After the atrocious lunch, I went out "bear hunting" with my family. It turned out to be 4wding up onto a remote road up a mountain in the middle of no where. Since my husband has a misunderstood, inner drive to follow "a road less travelled", I became quite nauseated during the ordeal. Moonbeam fussed. My husband drove back and forth through the snow drifts "using his snow driving techniques" until he could break through a few feet at a time. The bicycle he placed in the back of the truck made me feel quite leery. Its there in case we get stuck. On the way back, my daughter decided she wanted to learn how to drive. My husband was quite pleased to accommodate her. This all lead to more nausea on my part (though she did great).
At long last, I headed out on a hike with Moonbeam. Half way down the trail, it dawned on me that I should be getting out in my Kayak. When I reached home my 6 year old was thoroughly disgusted at the prospect of my leaving again. It dawned on me that the most important thing ever is to spend time with my little ones. I once again aborted the idea of kayaking and told him I'd stay home with him. He said "no, you're going to take me for a bike ride".
And so, Catman and I embarked on a bike ride. We splashed through puddles together. We visited a far away favorite spot of his. We rested on a log together. We carried on some profound conversation. After I had exhausted from watching him brave a particularly favorite puddle spot and his pants were soaked in mud, we headed home. As we hiked up my driveway together, Catman broached a very nerve wracking subject with me. "Mom", he said......... "you know how boys are different from girls?"........ He looked around as if to make sure nobody could hear him. Then he whispered in my ear "like balls?". Time stopped. I dreaded the question that would come next. "Well", he said, with furrowed eyebrows, "their insides are different too, right?". I defiantly didn't like where this was going. Dead serious, he looked up and me and said "Mom, do girls have a heart?"


Heather said...


I'm not sure what to say :) --but I love it.

What a cool kid.

Molly said...

I am @ a loss for words too. What a cutie. I get so nervous just thinking of the questions that will come up as my kids get older.
I am praising the Lord, that they are still quite young, and I have time to grow too.

Prairie Chick said...

:rotflol: oh man, I was all worked up for it but I never saw *that* coming! hilarious!

Lisa said...

As for the "misguided adventure", I felt nauseated just reading your description!...And you had the energy to go on another adventure with Catman too?! Wow!...That last bit, that was just one of those precious moments.