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Friday, May 22, 2009

Miss Belly Fat Will Not Win

I couldn't pass these up....... Moonbeam pulls herself to standing, while Catman is caught...uhhhh cleaning his nostrils. And do you ever find this kind of thing on your furniture?

Well its been an interesting few days. I was quite distraught to find out that Mist, indeed, has a life. She was unable to run with me this week because of work and family get togethers. Miss Belly Fat reminded me that there was a plate of cookies in the kitchen that might make a good consolation prize. I bravely fought her suggestions with an idea of my own. Upon my first attempt to run, ug, by myself, Catman nobly volunteered to join me. He rode his bike along for about 1/2 a mile and then decided that the hill going up was much too troublesome. Then the sky began to get dark and so I aborted the mission. This was a good thing because not minuetes after I got home with Catman in tow, it started hailing. Today I tried it again, this time alone. Despite Miss Belly Fat's protests, I am pleased to be getting into a running routine. On the down side, Miss Belly Fat lured me unsuspectingly into the kitchen and forced me to make her rice krispy bars. She then probably consumed half the pan throughout the course of the day.
My eldest three children are going off to work tomorrow for a man who lives in the area. They are going to be brush cutting and piling. Currently, Closet Boss is working with the boys in their bedroom. I wisely traded her the dishes job to supervising the boys clean up job. Every once in a while, I can hear horrid sounding shrieks, yells, and temper tantrum sounding cries of anguish.
My husband is snorting, meowing, and making assorted odd sounds at our baby. She in turn is making a variety of noises in reply.


Anonymous said...

keep trying!

Sillyliss said...

Wow, she's so good at standing -- like she's been doing it forever. Love all the photographs!