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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Didn't Meet My Goals Because I Was Abducted By Alien Invaders.... yeah that's it!

I Didn’t Meet My Goals Because I was Abducted By Alien Invaders…..yeah, that’s it!
They later used me as a bargaining chip to ensure intergalactic peace. Because they kept me frozen, I was unable to exercise. On the bright side, the green goo they offered me was less than appealing so I did not eat a lot while in their company. Since the world didn't think it could go without reading my blog, Earth conceded and agreed not to destroy Alien Commander Ratfulmanin. There was a peaceful exchange of POW’s and I returned to earth just in time to post this next entry. I am considering a book deal on my abduction, so far I have not received many high offers, but they will be coming, of this I am quite sure.
Ok, so I suppose you’re not going to buy the alien story, plausible as it was. I will now divulge to you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but…….
I started out week 3 ill. There is a very action packed and suspenseful story in a post below about how I threw up. I suppose you may want to skip that post. After that, it was a few days before I was back to normal. I was working full time on top of all that. Then it was PALS (that’s Pediatric Advanced Life Support), two all day intense classes. I left at dark and returned home at dark each night. It’s usually classes like that that push me into over eating, but I didn’t do as bad as I would have normally done. I still watched closely what I was eating. I didn’t make it through the two days like a saint, but I also didn’t bomb it big either.
In the evening, I had to study. My kids said “Mom, why don’t you go study”. I said “No, I’ve been gone all day. I’m going to study out here with you guys.” My son, The Archer, translated it this way : “I’m going to spend quality time with you kids, now SHUT UP!” Then Archer went on to arrange a visit from “Cousin Bob”. As you can see, there was quite a ruckus when “Cousin Bob” showed up. He loudly proclaimed that he enjoyed “candy and chewen’ tobakkee”. He told us he didn’t like tooth brushes all that much. He was quite taken with Moonbeam, as you can see, the feeling was not mutual. What with “Cousin Bob” visiting and all, I don’t quite know what I accomplished that evening, but I do know that I didn’t study much for my tests that next day. Thankfully I passed them, though this time by not as high of a margin as a few years prior.
Despite my many challenges, I did do goals 1 and 2 some of those days. My favorite goal 3 day was Moonbeam sharing steamed broccoli with me. I was shocked she ate a big pile! Goal 4 current, Goal 5 almost every day. Goal 6 was a struggle. I wasn’t perfect on it, but was consciously trying. Goal 7 not yet, Goal 8 – my last weigh in for the contest is in two days. Goal 9 wasn’t possible as I was working every day, but Moonbeam did ride along in the pack on a long hike today. Goal 10 – I haven’t been any where shopping this week, but hopefully will be next week.
In closing, I want to share with you that my children have likened my study habits to that of our son, Art Dog, who is known for being easily distracted. I didn’t try to deny this accusation, as I remembered that when I was supposed to be seriously jotting down another classmates decisive actions on the marker board, I found myself drawing flowers. Eventually, I began drawing pictures next to the students actions to keep myself on task. I cracked dumb jokes about the video person who was teaching and made people laugh. I made unusual displays of myself clowning around. When it was my turn to run the scenarios, during my test, I did a dancing leap into the air, galloped across the room and wrote on the dry erase board as my instructors laughed. Yes, I suppose I do have some trouble paying attention, staying on task, whatever……………..now what were we talking about?
ps. oh i almost forgot : perfect 10 something about me requirement : I spent every Saturday at a school of dance from the time I was about 3-14


Anonymous said...

Hello...I just wanted to thank you for welcoming me to the land of Blogs. I love your website and hope to spend more time reading your posts.

Take Care,
Sherri Ann

Mr. Stupid said...

Well, this was a wonderful first time visit for me. I came here from a friend's blog.
HAHA, had me laughing from the start... When I read the title...:)
I am glad the Earth understood how important you were... lol I am not that well known though!
You kids are just wonderful. Cute...:)
Anyways, have a good day. Hi to cousin Bob and all others...

Caroline said...

Love the photos and the look on your daughter's face when she is with cousin Bob!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi. Very inventive excuse!

I think you have such a busy life and being ill too ... it's amazing that you are able to keep doing so much. To achieve so many of your goals as well shows true determination! You are definitely going to succeed at this!

Bearfriend xx

baili said...

my god she is soooooo cute lovely photos and thanks for sharing such amazing fun take care dear

Mom2FourBlessings said...

Your blog has been my laugh for the day.. At least I am not the only "quacky" mom out there. Your family sounds like a TON of fun. Thanks for sharing.. Now back to the piles of laundry that built up while the washer lines were frozen, during the deep freeze of the south. Washer is in the garage because it rarely gets below freezing here, unfortunately this year the weather had a sense of humor and it stayed below freezing for 13 days, 24 hours a day.. Now how is that for a cruel joke on a family of 6. LoL
Thanks for sharing
In Christ,

Heather said...

You have such a way of making me laugh! Who needs chocolate when I have outdoor.mom?

Don't worry, we can make plenty of steamed broccoli for Moonbeam! My girls love it, too.

Becky said...

Whoever is wearing that ski mask looks really scary. I don't blame Moonbeam for making that face, that is one horrible looking monster.

South Beach Steve said...

That is the most creative excuse I have heard all week for sure! :-)