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Friday, January 29, 2010

My Perfect 10 Update (A Day Late)

Well, here we are in another state (literally) and I'm reflecting back on my goals from the living room of my in laws :-) I must say, yesterday as I was running down the icy highway with spikes on, I felt glad for this challenge. I may not always meet every goal perfectly, but I am trying and so I'm doing better than I would be had I not made these goals to begin with. There is something to be said for all of that! Thanks South Beach Steve, for the challenge.

1. Some form of exercise 6 days a week. Pretty much, yes!

2. Sit ups/planks 5x week. Maybe 3-4 this week.

3. Instill healthy ideas in my kids. Honestly, I hardly have to think about it. Just my doing healthy things causes them to. Today I sat down with an apple and only got 2 slices of it.

Below is my niece with her dad. I told her I brought some bananas over so she could pretend to be a monkey. As you can see, she really got into the part. We also drew interesting pictures on each of the bananas. There were 3 bunches on the counter one day. The next there were only a few left!!
4. pic - current

5. Drink more water - yes, I have been. The one day I didn't, I noticed in my eating log how much more I ate. Wow!

6. Burn calories rather than binge - not perfect, but definitely in check.

7. Hair - apt scheduled (wooohooo!)

8. Biggest Loser Contest (will find out results in Feb)

9. Work out with a Buddie weekly - Enjoyed a nice Nordic hike with The Dolphin Goddess a few days before our trip. It was a great catch up with her and I could tell I'd really worked!

10. Try clothes on/shopping - none of that lately, but should get a chance this week.

I always forget the "something about myself" part! I like to joke that I am "domestically challenged!" I don't know how to sew, knit, crochet or do anything that resembles a craft (and I fear trying). I'm also not much of a house keeper. When I left home I didn't even know how to brown hamburger!! As I have had more children, of course, I've learned lots, (because I had to). Here I am today sprouting and rendering bear fat! It's all a work in progress and I have fun making fun of myself on my blog as I learn!


Paula Rodriguez said...

You niece is so cute... Looks as though you're doing well with the challenge. Are you really learning how to render bear fat? Sometimes I don't know if you're serious or joking...

Have a great weekend. I envy your hike.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You amaze me with the things you can do. I could bake, but couldn't cook much else when I got married. In fact, when we were first married and both worked full time, my husband cooked and I cleaned up. When the children started coming I had to learn, and I did. I still can't do anything like rendering bear fat!
Have a wonderful weekend.

cmoursler said...

looks like a monkey is loose in your house. lol.
ugh. I was not domestically inclined but finally realised that i wasn't going to get much accomplished seeing as how I didn't have a maid, lol.
It took a while.
But I managed.
rendering bear fat..pretty cool

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi. You're doing really well on your goals. This challenge is working for you!

Bearfriend xx

toytrkman said...

I'll tell you a few other things about her since I know all her deepest, darkest, secrets. Not only could she not brown hamburger, our first attempt at making Kraft mac and cheese was pretty sad too. When we were first together we would eat things like a microwaved bowl of frozen vegetables, tv dinners, frozen pizza, and left overs from KFC that a friend of mine managed. When he finally got caught "borrowing" money from the nightly deposit we lost that source of food. My first attempt at getting her to help me butcher a deer wasn't very successful. But yes, indeed, now she even renders bear fat, helps with the family game animal butchering, and does her share of harvesting too. She is indeed handy to have around.

Heather said...

I disagree. . .I think you're super domestic! Maybe you're not the crafty type, but if you can be a great mom, charge nurse, and hunt and process your own bear, I think you're plenty accomplished!!

Anonymous said...

Good job exercising in spite of the winter weather!


South Beach Steve said...

I would have never pictures you being domestically challenged for some reason. Rendering bear fat? I think you are the only person I know who has done that. :-)

Great week, btw!