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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dinner in a One Room Cabin

Yesterday, I had dinner at my friend "Mist's" house. She is an incredible woman. At 22 years old, Mist lives in a one room cabin in this vast wilderness. Mist has no electricity. The running water comes in the form of a creek next to her older A-frame cabin. Its maybe 10 or 20 feet away. Since its spring fed, they just step out their door and fill their cup. Mist cooks with some propane and with her wood stove. Their lighting is wired from a car battery.
Mist was accepted to a prestigious culinary school in Italy, but her scholarship didn't cover it, so she went to one in California instead. She had also lived part of her life there. When she was 16 she fell in love with her husband and after dating off and on, they married after she finished culinary school. It was always his dream to live in the rugged outdoors. She followed him, risking life as she knew it.
For our dinner, Mist baked 2 kinds of delicious bread in a cast iron skillet. She also made home made pasta from scratch. She made spaghetti sauce which she simmered all day long as well. In all the years I've been alive, I didn't think that making such exquisite food was possible without running water and electricity. It was simply amazing.
We all crowded into the one room cabin. We sat on the bed, on a couple of chairs and on the floor. We heard about many of their adventures together. My seventeen year old was really impressed. All my kids were. We had so much fun that we stayed for 5 hours. When my youngest kid was thirsty, Mist's husband stepped out the door and filled his cup again.
People like Mist inspire me. I wonder how she could pull a dinner like that off. She hadn't been to town in weeks. She didn't have any plans of going that week. She knows how to live simply, yet elegantly. I think about all of the people who demand high living standards. I think about my own selfishness and demands. I'm grateful for what I have. Really, I am. I am just humbled seeing my attitude over the years. I've been selfish, and I've demanded things that I really could have done without. I've felt sorry for myself when I should have been thanking God for His Provision. I'm planning to hang out with Mist more often. She knows how to do things I don't. She's been making it. Not just surviving. I've seen so many women. Some feel sorry for themselves in a house with food and water. They don't have what they think should be their standards of living while others like Mist can thrive on what I didn't think possible. Her cabin is clean, well organized and smells good. Its enjoyable to be there.
Let it be a lesson to you, my readers. Take note and learn from her. If Mist can make exquisite pasta and breads in a one room cabin, certainly you can make your hands produce whatever God has placed in them to do.
As we drove away that night, I said "She's amazing isn't she?". There was a loud chorus back in unison saying "She's amazing".


Heather said...

Wow. I'm doing a selah--pause, and calmly think of that!!

Gracegirl said...

Wow, what an awesome meal! You guys out there are such an ispiration!

Anonymous said...

How amazing.
I love how you tell your story too.
I felt as though I was there.

outdoor.mom said...

thanks for encouraging me :-) i appreciate it. i think in this economy people need to see that we CAN live much simpler and that contentment is one of our greatest allies. Mist really inspires me.