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Monday, February 9, 2009

Proof Sprouts Are Trying to Get Me AND I Am SO Excited I'm An Adoptable Aunt!!

These are real photos!!!! Can you see the Tendrils Reaching out at me??!!! (The Jar of sprouts, not my girl).
You should probably NOT try this at home.... 2 Tbsp of Sprout seeds from the health food store..... A heavy metal screen.... A jar.....soak the seeds for a few hours...... then rinse them a couple of times a day.......don't keep them tilted on something to catch the drips..... don't let them grow.... its like creating a monster in your very own kitchen....aaaahhhhh!!!!!!
I am so excited!! Today i found out my good friend, I'll call her "Goat Girl" is getting some kids!!! She has wanted some for a long time. She and her husband have been working on becoming foster parents for what seems like eons! We have prayed for these kids for years (by faith). I have deemed myself the "adoptable aunt" of these children for however long she has them. I don't know who is more excited...(me or her!).


Heather said...

I'm getting scared. I hope I don't have nightmares of sprouts coming to get me. :)

I LOVE those pigtails! She is already looking older than when we saw her last. She is going to be so gorgeous, she'll need all those 4 siblings to chase away the boys!

(She already is gorgeous, by the way. As is her big sister, though she may not know it.)

God's Girl said...

Oh... what a blessing that is to foster some children in need!

-Ana- said...

Wow! Is that the view from your window?! What an amazing view!
Your daughter is gorgeous!

Me said...

Mom, if you don't really want the sprouts then why are you growing them. Oh, and you're going to be in trouble when someone we know reads your blog.

Anonymous said...

Your sprouting stories have reminded how good they are. Today I pulled my sprouting seeds out of the dark basement (they keep better that way), got a large mouth canning jar (empty, of course) and have the seeds soaking as I type. Thank you for your inspiration! Hmmm - the kids think broccoli sprouts sound better than alfala. What do you think?

-Ana- said...

I REALLY appreciate your prayers for my mom! Thank you.

sillyliss said...

She looks so old! I mean, really CUTE old, like she's at least a year old already. Awwww. The pigtails are just so cute.

That said, are you becoming an aunt to goat babies...or to human babies? Sillyliss needs further explanation.

outdoor.mom said...

look at the next post for explanation sillyliss :-) Its sooo good to see you again!!!! I bet Emmy is growing too! Whats she been doing??

triLcat said...

thanks for visiting my blog and for your prayers. Adorable pics!

Joanne said...

Mmm .. sprouts. I have a detailed explanation of how to make sprouts on one of my blogs if anyone is interested:

In Christ,