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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Very Busy Day

Picture Entitled "Who is This Kid With MY Toy?!"

Today I went over to Hazels for our 3rd weight loss support meeting (now called accountability). We cross country skied with these babies on our backs and got a REALLY good work out. She made a nice luncheon of Venison stew and open faced cheese and onion sandwiches. I brought along a pineapple for Silver bell who is doing "Nutrifast" and can't eat anything with us but fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, Silver bell stood us up but we had fun anyway and the pineapple was good and didn't require any work on my part.
This Evening we threw a private party for my friend Goat girl and her husband whom I will entitle "drummer boy". They have temporary custody of 2 small children which we lavished with huge containers of toys, books, videos, clothes, and everything you might need to stay a while. We put up banners, had dinner and a cake to celebrate their arrival. Being pretty little they were quite pleased with the cake and toys and big tadoo of being in a new place and being the long awaited guests of honor. My favorite thing was the look on their foster parents faces, beaming with pride over the kids that they already have come to deeply adore. I also loved putting fuzzy sleepers on them and feeding them all kinds of good things to eat. Yes, I think I will enjoy this new role as and adoptable aunt!!! My kids liked it an awful lot too.


Heather said...

Love the pic!

"Indescribable" said...

Having fun! I think you deserve something for that cross country ski adventure with babies on your back! The stew sounds yummy - I suppose someone you know caught it (I can't say shot it... ok, I said it) I bet it was good.

Thank you for the wonderful send off. Can't wait to get home and settled it! Yes, hand sanitizer and immodium. Maybe your weight loss group should make a field trip to AFrica! That should help (although my bag is filled with snacks I don't usually keep in the house b/c I might need them enroute!
Thanks and God Bless to you and yours!

-Ana- said...

I have been meaning to comment you on this post when I read it a few days ago...I think that's SO neat you two cross countried skied with the babies!

PS>Thanks for cheering me on! I will be lifting those weights soonner that later!