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Friday, February 27, 2009

Goodwill Garbage

Today, before I had to work, my husband had plans in town. Most of the children went with him. Just my 6 year old and baby came with me to shop. As we began my thrift store regime, I had Moonbeam dawned in my baby backpack and Catman in tow. Catman kept finding these crazy, half broken, dirty toys. Amongst them was an old ratty stuffed dinesaur. He insisted on buying it. Though I protested loudly, he won in the end. As we plodded out to the car, he informed that he had "been praying for one of these". Despite my disgust at paying $2 for it, I had to smile.


Skygirl said...

God does answer prayer.

Me said...


Anonymous said...


I've been reading and lurking at your blog. Even though you faithfully comment on almost every blog I've written I have yet to say anything on yours. I'll try and do better! But just so you know I HAVE been reading it lol

take care adn God bless!!

Heather said...

I sent the flour with DS today! She's really nice--we recognized each other, too, probably from your church.

Love ya!

outdoor.mom said...

thanks guys :-) it is encouraging to be read and good to have a voice. Thanks heather. I am going to be doing LOTS of baking!!! I love that flour :-)

Mama Bear... .. . said...

the goodwill is good! a family's best friend.

Anonymous said...

that's beautiful!