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Saturday, February 7, 2009

What I've Been Doing Lately (How Boring)

Hmmmm...... what to blog about today. It's been quite an eventful week. On Tuesday I worked a night shift at the hospital. In the morning, we went out to a nice breakfast. The table was built around an open propane fire pit. It over looked a river. It was very fun and it only cost us about $12.00. Really, we had time to kill because our oldest son was meeting with a college readiness teacher. She was going over some of his work. He's going to be doing that monthly until he finishes the program and gets his GED. Then he will begin Internet college classes. Boring boring boring.
On Thursday, I found out that Kevin and Kevin would get to have a table at a gun and horn show. They were quite excited about this. I was feeling totally excluded. "This is guy stuff" they told me and "no" I couldn't sell some baked goods there, some misc articles and certainly not any sprouts. Karsten was also feeling a little miffed. He tried to sell his brother's binoculars and some of his old fishing lures. Both were rejected by Kevin and Kevin. His other brother was also a bit miffed over the ordeal. Finally, I decided to go shopping in town on the first of their 3 day show table thingy. This worried my husband far more than going along or trying to drum up merchandise to sell.
Karsten had gotten some money from his grandmother for Christmas and he was determined to spend every penny. After selecting 12 items at the dollar store I figured I'd better take him some where else quick! All in all it was a fun day and he came home with a substantial amount of junk along with a new bicycle. Kiana was finally able to get some cookies baked while I was gone.
Today and tomorrow they will have a table at the gun and horn show. I am feeling quite curious about this. The "I Love Lucy" shows I have watched in the past get me imagining all kinds of crazy get ups I could dress up in to check out their table. I could dress up like a mountain man. I could pretend to be an army guy. I could even crawl under other tables with binoculars until I see theirs. Lots of ideas but I'm not sure what I would do with the baby. Perhaps I could come up with a disguise for her too.
Tomorrow I will attend church in the city where the gun and horn show are. Perhaps after the service they will let me come in and see it. I will have to promise not to make a big deal about it being their first table. I will have to promise not to take any pictures. I will also have to avoid displaying my sheer ignorance of these matters while I am there. It sounds like Kevin III has sold a lot of the "sheds" (dead antlers) that he has found in the woods. Wow! People sure buy strange things. He has been quite proud of his finds and is even more excited that he has sold enough to buy some of the guy stuff at the other tables he's been eyeing.
I will keep you posted. I am going to go check out some mountain man attire.........


Heather said...

As to your "sheer ignorance," I'll bet you're much more knowledgeable than a lot of other people. :)

"Indescribable" said...

I think the 'guys' need to rethink the 'guy' table b/c some of the guys may have their women along and I'm sure they would appreciate some baked goods. And even the guys without the women tagging along are going to need some substance!
good luck with 'lucy' hee hee hee

i'll definitely check out the book you recommend! Thanks.

Heather said...

I'm with "indescribable." I think everyone would go wild over your treats. You may not want to bring sprouts, though. . .

Just a thought.

Me said...

It's like totally illegal to bring baked goods.