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Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Big Old Hissy Fit!!!

As many of you may have feared, we did, indeed have our second "official" weight loss support group meeting today (which we are now calling an "accountability group"). It was hosted at my home. I drove everyone berserk with my incessant need to clean. The children were dumbfounded. They wandered around aimlessly. Kaleb said "It just doesn't feel like home anymore". "I think I will go to my room where it's comfortable" (and messy).
Hazel did, indeed place the 2 TBL spoons of sprout seed into a jar. She placed a sturdy metal screen over the top of the jar for my protection. She claimed that nothing would get out that way when I rinsed it and kept it air drying. I figured it would also prevent the varmints from coming to get me while I am off guard.
I made a whole wheat pizza with bread sticks and spinach salad. I even bought some sprouts for the salad (just for Hazel). She asked me how I liked them. I was busted!!! I had to return my plate to the kitchen to put some on. I told her it reminded me of eating at a health food store. She smiled. Silver bell may have been thinking to herself "get a life! their only sprouts!" but she politely refrained from coming up with such comments. Instead she made up some foolishness about me being a good hostess.
Since they forgot their accountability worksheets, we read a chapter from the book "For Women Only" by Shaunti Feldham, which, by the way, I highly recommend to all women. I even highly higher recommend it to all married women. Its a must along with "For Men Only" by her husband. It would have been a lot easier to concentrate on the meeting at hand had there not been a heard of angry elephants tromping through the dining room every so often. Did I say elephants? I meant children. Hazels 3 girls and my younger boys and baby had a lot of fun together. Just as we'd really get into what we were reading the outlandish gang of outlaws would come with cap guns a flaring chasing one another like hoodlums on the prowl. Screaming, yelling and an array of odd noises would ensue.
We hiked a nice jaunt with babies in back packs since Silver bell forgot her Tai Bo video . I was tempted to bring my poles along but I feared it was not polite to embarrass them on our first athletic outing together. I did work up a good sweat anyway. Just as we were about to climb our hill up back to my house, Kevin drove up with the truck. He had taken the trash to the dump since he had been warned that he wasn't allowed to be around. I was very subtle about it. I told him "Stay in the basement!" Any way, I assumed we would all hitch a ride up the hill. I was terribly disappointed to find out that both women preferred the exercise since, after all, that is what we were supposed to be doing. Humbled, I told Kevin we would not be riding with him after all. I guess going for a hike means you have to do - well that - hike!! Anyway, next week we are going to try cross country skiing at Hazels. I will keep you posted.
I guess you may be wondering about the title. Well I am embarrassed to say that after the spiritually refreshing day, my flesh cropped up!! (It may have been because of the sprouts lurking within). Kiana wanted to make chocolate chip cookies tonight. I am on week 3 of my month long sugar fast. The idea of smelling cookies baking was just too much. I went from 35 to 5 years old and threw a BIG OLD HISSY FIT! She finally decided better of it. She promised to wait till I am out of the house. Heather, I don't want to hear it!!!!! Yes, I know I am supposed to exercise self control. Yes, I know you are waiting for her to mail you some. Yes, I know I'm being ridiculous!!!! Well, now ever body knows about my temper tantrum.

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