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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tribute to My Daughter "The Sock Fashion Expert"

Wow! My daughter actually did a tribute to me!! I think I will do a tribute to her. Here goes :

5 "worst" memories (though i really don't have any)

5. She was the only red headed baby amongst many first nations children in the nursery. She sure stood out with lots of fluffy copper colored hair. She also probably had the strongest sucking reflex of all of them - ouch!!!

4. She decided one day to make it "snow" in her room. She and her brother (probably instigated by her), tore up Styrofoam in tiny pieces and threw it all over her room. We were finding pieces for years to come! Another time, she opened all of her brothers birthday presents when we were outside (luckily he was one and didn't know any better). Oh, and did i tell ya about the time she hid behind the door with the bag of marshmallows right before dinner?!

3. She torments me with her delicious cookies. She may have a secret plan to thwart my weight loss goals!

2. She refuses to be "girly" for me!! She wants cammo and ammo (and other matter of boring boy stuff)!! I can't even get her to wear dresses to church...wahhhh!!!!!!! When I bought her a canope bed for Christmas, she decorated it with cammo colored nets and burlap!!

1. she refuses to be seen with me when I am "Mordic Squashing". I may need therapy for this!!

Top 5 Best Memories

5. She hiked to the neighbors to borrow eggs to surprise me with a birthday cake :-) She is sweet and thoughtful! When I had Moonbeam, she iniated getting me flowers and spent her own money to do it.

4. She is generous and well organized. One day when I didn't have the money to send to our orphanage, she had funds readily available from what she had already raised.

3. She is wayyy tooo smart for her own good!! She is a star student and I can't keep her working in school, because she constantly exceeds my expectations. She does her work days ahead of time. She even helps me with the younger kids school. When she was pre school age, she begged me to teach her to read. After begging and begging, I finally had to do it! By then, she had already memorized her phonics sounds with a phonics machine. She knew it so well, she argued with me over letter sounds!

2. She helps me with the baby often. She can feed, diaper and care for Moonbeam when I need her to - like when I want to go for a walk or whatever, she's there when I need her and very dependable. She was even there for Moonbeams birth. She helps me with Catman too. Though she has been deemed "the nasal passage violator".

1. Though she is ultra virtuous (she takes this as an insult, i don't know why), she is spunky!! She has an independent spirit and confidence about her that I adore!! She's not afraid of offending people with what she believes. She loves God with all her heart and would serve Him whether anybody else in her family did or not!

When she was little, my grandparents asked why she wasn't saying much. She put her hands on her hips and yelled loudly at them "I'm probably shy!!"

Kiana's best remembered foods 1. "Mother Bear Soup", 2. "Taco Pad Soup", 3. "Kiana Cookies"


Heather said...

I have a recipe, written out in her handwriting, for her Taco Pad Soup!

She's amazing, as all of your children are.

What's that about the nasal passage violator?

April said...

The one where she yelled, I think that one is the funniest!!

Me said...

Ha ha ha!!!