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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where to Throw Your Tax Refund Cash?

I'm far from a money guru, so you can stop reading if you want to hear from one. Recently, I've been challenged by a couple of books some girls in my accountability group gave me to read. In all honesty, I don't agree with everything I have read, but God has convicted me about some of the things I read that I believe to be true. It was like a divine set up. God starts convicting me to read this book and its just before we discuss how we will spend our tax refund. In the end, despite the practical things I felt we should do, I gave my husband complete liberty.

1. Give your money to God. If nothing else, tithe off your child tax credits and increase. Sow into orphanages, people adopting children from overseas, ministries, world hunger, the poor right here in America. Pray and hear God where to give, but determine in your heart to sow as God places in your heart. Do it ESPECIALLY if you are having financial problems! There's no better investment than in giving to God.

2. Make sure you are submitted in your investments, bill payments, credit reductions and mad money fun spending. If you don't agree with your spouse you'd better go back and pray again! You need to be in agreement and if your a woman then you should be submitted to your husband unless he is buying drugs! That means believing in and praying for the God influence in Him. He can make good decisions and we should be supportive.

3. Tonight Fox News talked about the run on Ammo. It is now doubling and tripling in value before our eyes. Lets face it, in the economy where not much is doing well Cabelas stocks are doing good (or at least that's what I've heard). You probably won't go wrong if you want to buy guns and ammo right now. At this point, its a solid investment in a shaky economy. As much as I would rather go to the mall (and I will be doing that), if your husband thinks he should invest in that stuff you really ought to let him.

4. My good friend "Much Mother" who has oodles of wisdom is buying grains, beans, etc.. She is laying up a supply for the year to come. Having a good supply of food on hand isn't going to hurt you. Its part of being that virtuous woman Proverbs 31 speaks of. Buying a good supply of bulk resources will save you money in the long run. You will NEVER be sorry you stocked up on the things your home uses. You WILL be sorry if you bought something stupid that is a waste 6 months from now. Ok, ok, I will be very frugal when I'm at the mall. I hope you will be too :-) Lets be wise so we will have plenty to share when the time comes.

These are just a few ideas I wanted to share with my readers. May God give you wisdom (and some mad money too)! I was shocked to find out that my husband had a whole lot more money planned for me than I expected. He believes in us sowing into each other as well. This really is a great cause of peace in our marriage.

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Anonymous said...

All excellent ideas I completely agree in.
The only one I haven't been doing and should consider is the food stocking up.