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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Apron Finale For My Sister Heather

My Sister Heather did a challenge for everyone to put up apron posts and talk about them. Since I am domestically challenged, I did not comply. I feared that I should not put up one since I do not know how to sew. Yes, the truth is difficult. Really, I don't sew at all. When other nice girls were sewing, I was either running wild or working in a nursing home which was my first job. The closest I get is assisting the doctor with sutures. Anyway, my sister said that sewing isn't required for her post so I decided to make a finale for her.
Here I am dragging my daughter into the kitchen to help me make cinnamon rolls. We made them together. I thought more pics would turn out, but Catman was our photographer and there was a lot of leg and abd shots - I will say no more!! Also pictured is me making wild rice soup.
Oh yeah, the apron is one my mother in law gave me years ago for Christmas. I don't wear it much. Its kinda falling apart. Maybe my sister will make me a sexy sophisticated one like this someday.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Pick out the fabric, sis, and it's done!

I love your pics! I love the one of Kiana--she's so pretty! And you look beautiful in yours, too. The last pic was fun!

You're an awesome sister. My favorite, actually.