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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It's almost midnight and i just can't help myself. Something about spending time with my accountability gals just makes me feel inspired to write. Perhaps its the sugar in the chocolate chip muffin that I just shamelessly consumed. Maybe its because my kids are all sleeping peacefully and I can see an almost full moon out my window, whatever the reason, I feel compelled to blog.
Today we had our accountability meeting at 22 year old Mists house. In case you don't remember, Mist is the one who lives in a one room cabin with no electricity or running water. This is quite contrary from the live she once lived in California. Her bathroom is an out house without a door. Her running water comes in the form of a creek running by the cabin. Her cabin is so old that if a strong man pushed on it, he might be able to break the wall. Its so poorly insulated that when I'm hot from her wood stove, all I have to do is sit on the floor. The breeze keeps me cooled off. Her biggest concern when she leaves is the havoc from the mice who quickly invade her dwelling.
I don't say these things to insult her at all. On the contrary I admire Mist and am even a bit jealous. She is truly one of the most incredible women that I have ever met. Mist is almost always sporting a smile. She is incredibly content. She is kind, generous and knowledgeable. I can't think of many women who would know how to be content in Mist's place. When you walk into Mists cabin, you forget about your surroundings. Everything is clean, neat and orderly. She cooks like no one I have ever sampled of. She really knows how to make her abode into a comfortable home.
As I got out of my truck about a quarter of a mile from Mists house, I packed Moonbeam into my baby backpack. I examined the melting snow wondering how the trek back to her house would be. I said "hello" to her husband who was driving away. It dawned on me that packing everything in and out by hand 1/4 of a mile would be quite challenging. It would be quite challenging especially because it isn't plowed. Its more of a packed down foot trail.
Since nobody wanted to stay in the cabin on such a beautiful day, we commenced on a 6 mile hike together. We encouraged each other in the Lord. I told the women a lot of stories about how God has supernaturally provided for me. I could see their faith increasing as I spoke. This got me encouraged. The fresh air and sunshine felt wonderful. The hike was a great work out.
When we got back to the cabin Mist sauteed us sprouted wheat berries for lunch. I had brought along a few fresh vegetables which she added in. It was the best meal I've eaten in weeks. She is an incredible cook.
After lunch, we prayed for each other and for our husbands. I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do next. I have this expectation beginning to build.
When I got home from Mists I decided that I've had a pretty bad attitude about my washer and dryer. Its been on its last legs for some time now. I randomly get angry with my husband for this fact, though its not any fault of his. I had my artist son draw some large pictures on his easel. Then I taped them up with scriptures in my laundry room to remind me that I need to have a better attitude. I need to trust God for a better washer and dryer. I need to ask Him for one, but more importantly I need to be grateful for the ones I already have. I need to be thankful for my husband too. He is a generous man. I am almost giddy wondering what kind of miracle God is going to do. Every time we set our hearts on Him and pray something exciting happens.


Kirigalpoththa said...

interesting views! very nice blog!!

Heather said...

The way you share how you're growing is so encouraging. Thank you!!

Molly said...

Oh I'm so happy you have such a great group of gals to get together with to talk about the Lord with. What a blessing. Praying your washer/dryer situation works out soon.

"Indescribable" said...

WOW! You are a smart women! - and such a blessing to have your accountability group.
Thanks for sharing.