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Sunday, April 26, 2009

ok ok you want to hear the example

ok, so here is the example to the below post. And here is a picture of a houseboat in Kashmir (one of the photos from today's slide show and missionary report).

Well here was my example : It was about Gods fierce love for us. One time somebody was mad at me. Everybody knows how my husband is the most mellow guy ever (everybody nods and agrees). Well I was telling them about how this one time somebody made the mistake of telling him : "I don't have a problem with you, I have a problem with your wife". My all time favorite quote of his was this: "If you have a problem with my wife, then you have a problem with me". Just the way he said it had this "c'mon buddy lets go" (tough guy) protector sound to it. It was wayyyy coollll. Anyhow, that's how God is toward us. He is like a husband protecting his wife, or a father protecting his child. God is our defender and our present help in time of need :-)


Prairie Chick said...

That is AWESOME. I love your family, you guys rock. Totally my kind of people

Molly said...

Awe what an awesome hubby to stand by his girl. That's the way it should be. And so true god has god our back, so freeing, isn't it!
And that picture is beautiful!

toytrkman said...

I should have known when we both got our teeth knocked out that you might cause me lots of trouble! But your worth it anyway. ;-}