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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deer Stew Delivery Lady

I exhibit an unusual compulsion. Its an addiction like none other. Really, its not bad (as long as I can keep it in balance). Its more of a "good habit"..... Yes, its the desperate need to evangelize those around me with food. After my children have been well schooled, fed and emotional needs met of course, sometimes I gratify it.
When I'm at home, the best method I've found to be a light to others is by cooking. I'm one of those women who feed people until they are stuffed and then I feed them some more. Then I have to repent because I know its not all that healthy but that's beside the point. Every so often I commence to a bake off in my kitchen. I have long ago learned that if the food is too good, I will not be permitted to let it leave the house. For instance, there is never a time when I can share chocolate chip cookies with any neighbor, ever. My family just refuses to share even if it is for the purpose of evangelism. Just forget it. Now if I made oatmeal raisin cookies, well then it would probably be OK (as long as everybody got some first). I have also tried to share some favorite meals. I was strictly and unanimously prohibited. This greatly frustrated my cause, but I decided that if I'm going to be going about doing some type of mountain woman evangelism I ought to at least be "submitted" to my husband (and kids) any how.
At last, over time, I found that if I make large pots of soup, batches of Cinnamon rolls and bread, at times my family is willing to part with just a little. Really, I should take it as a compliment to my cooking.
So every morning, I go out on my swing, or in a quiet place and I pray. Some days, I feel the leading to bake extra and share with a neighbor. God puts it on my heart and I try to be obedient. Of course as you would guess, these things are never as we plan. The muffins I made didn't seem perfectly done. The whole wheat rolls were a bit too moist. The white rolls were a bit doughy. The deer stew I made cooked all day but the vegetables were still crunchy. I turned the heat up to high and scalded it a bit. All in all I was feeling quite distressed. When it was finally ready, the rain was pouring down outside. Nothing seemed to be cooperating. Several times I considered aborting the mission. That still small voice reminded me that He asked me to do it. By faith I went off to dawn a raincoat. I scooped stew into throw away jars that I'd been saving for just such an occasion. I heaped a fluffy towel over a large wicker basket and stepped outside by faith. The rain seemed to turn into a light drizzle. I began to see the humor in my situation. Here I am, this woman compelled to deliver deer stew in the rain. If anyone asked me to explain myself, I probably couldn't do it. I just know its what I am supposed to do.
One man greeted me with a big smile in his long under ware. His wife has been sick for a long time. Another greeted me with a smile. I know they don't cook much. I surveyed the road. Many of my neighbors live without electricity or running water. Some live in poverty. Some are retired and older. Many don't know Jesus. Some are "end times" type people looking in the sky for contrails. Some derive their joy in "medicinal plants". Everybody is different, but the one thing that is the same is that none of them object to some hearty deer stew and muffins. On a rainy day they are warmed and hopefully there is a small window into their lives showing them the love of God.
Am I crazy for delivering deer stew in the rain? Absolutely, hands down, yes. Would I laugh at such a woman, no question, yes. I regularly laugh at myself and my crazy antics. Am I fulfilled in doing it? Yes, hands down yes. Its a compulsion. I can't help myself. Its my strange form of mountain woman evangelism. It doesn't hurt, doesn't offend, doesn't judge. Its just a medium to give so much more. Its a medium for something supernatural.


Heather said...

You inspired me last summer when you did this!

I blogged about it today. :)

Love you.

Sally M. said...

I am impressed at how you always manage to bless people even though you live in the mountains. Here we have very few neighbors within walking distance.

Mrs. Jo said...

I delivered bean soup in the rain last week! I feel called to this ministry too. Thanks for sharing!

Molly said...

I think we are birds of a feather you and I. I am always cooking mass amounts of soup and huge chili dinners. I pass them around the neighborhood too, and also @ church if anyone is sick. It has opened a lot of doors to share Jesus. People are so blown away by a simple gesture. At first I felt like a weirdo, but now I know it's a blessing to them, and it's been great for my children to see God @ work. Glad I'm not the only food evangelist. Thanks for sharing!

toytrkman said...

And I'm so happy to married to this "crazy lady"!!! Its hard to stay mad at her even she gives all my goodies away. She is as close as a human woman could ever come to a Proverbs 31 woman. I love you!