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Friday, April 3, 2009

feeling sorry for myself - not

This morning i woke up to an insurmountable pile of laundry overflowing into the hall out of the laundry room. It was kinda like one of those beastly growths from a horror movie. Dirt and crumbs invaded every inch of usable space kinda like the scifis where little bugs come to get you. Angry dishes and filthy counters screamed out agonizingly to me as if they were being tortured by some unknown assailant. When I got to the breakfast table I heard the third comment about needing laundry washed, or some such drivel. I began to sink into a mire of self pity.
After working my two 12 hour night shifts this week, I slept all day after I got off. We've all been conquering colds. When I got up I was so overwhelmed with the mess I decided to go back to bed. I bet you've all been there. I figured I couldn't sleep any longer than the entire day I already wasted so I drug myself out of bed. After the laundry comments I began to feel quite unappreciated. The more I dwelled on it, the more unappreciated I decided that I must be. Soon violins filled the room and strangers began to sob intermittently. My house was really becoming depressing indeed.
I decided to catch up on some phone calls. The phone is always a good tactic to avoiding housework. This didn't last long. Most of my friends and relatives had things to do. It was then that I decided to face the beast.
After I recruited my daughter and youngest son to help sweep and scrub the floors I was feeling better. At least there was finally a safe place for my baby to drag herself around. Then my daughter persuaded me to help her put up our badmitten net. You must understand that this is no ordinary feat. We have almost no flat usable space. I am not kidding, you heard right. We live on top of a tall hill, almost a mountain. Most of it is incline. Our house is located on the very top. There is hardly any yard or parking space anywhere. Anywhere we set up the net, someone will have to look around down a hill to search for run away birdies and balls. This just propagates the unusualness of the lives that we live. Any simple thing becomes more complicated living on a small mountain or large hill.
Take for example the time we got a bed for my daughter one Christmas. That year we couldn't even get 4wd with chains up our driveway. My husband put the corner of the mattress and box spring in a children's sled. He pulled the sled and my teenager pushed it. That's how they got it up to our house!! Another time my husband fixed a truck up to sell. He fixed the engine, did some body work and painted it. He had just pulled it out of the garage and was admiring it. He went inside for something and off it went rolling down the hill. It hit a tree and did some unfortunate damage. As I said, nothing is normal here.
Anyway, we put up the badminton net, ignoring the fact that we had to chase birdies down a hill to get them. We played for a while in the fresh air. Then I drove our old pickup 4 miles down the road to get to some black top so I could push the stroller with the baby. Catman was also able to ride his bike. This gave him some pleasure. It didn't last long however, because he had worn puddle boots and his feet were getting sore.
At last I washed dishes for untold hours and did laundry. The house is beginning to once again resemble a home I am willing to abide in. I am nursing a feeling of accomplishment rather than self pity. I even cooked healthy and made some wild rice with bear for dinner. Things are looking up. Tomorrow is our weekly weight loss and accountability meeting. I am sure I will have some interesting things to blog about then.

1 Samuel 30:6B "but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God."


Molly said...

Sounds like my laundry pile today. I started @ 9:00 am and kept going till about 9:00 pm. with the children sick, it makes for lots of laundry. I swear The girls threw up on every piece of bed linens we have. Yuck!
I want a badmitten net. That sounds like fun!
Praying you get some peace and rest this weekend.

Heather said...

I never heard the story about Kevin's truck rolling down the hill!

I'm glad things are more under control now, and that you got outside to get some fresh air, too. Do the kids still take turns doing dishes?

Sorry I wasn't able to distract you for very long on the phone! Next time I'll try to do better. :) (ha, ha)

By the way, I forgive your selfishness for keeping ALL the Kiana cookies yourselves!!!

"Indescribable" said...

just think of the exercise you're providing your children when they have to run down the mountain after the birdie! that's a good thing... right?

laundry - such a good feeling when it's done -

Anonymous said...

Ah, you got a playlist too! :)
I know how you feel - I do the laundry at our house, and I HATE it! :) But otherwise, I have no money, so I suppose it's worth it. :)