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Friday, April 10, 2009

Done and Undone (for my sisters challenge)

My sister is doing a blog challenge for done and undone lists. Here's mine :


1/2 the yard raked
1/2 the living room walls painted
1/2 the laundry done
baby's clothes organized and gone through for the most part
prayed for the kids before i left for work
changed the baby and nursed her
been getting a lot of fresh air and exercise

Undone :

The other half of the above 1/2 done stuff :-)
forgot to assign school work for one of my kids today (it becomes a "choose your own subjects day" for the lucky lad)
lots of school work to correct
kitchen cupboards are a disaster
abd crunches
ug - getting contracting paper work in order for our heavy equipment this summer.
Never took the pics off our camera and the memory card is full.
oh, ok, my whole entire house has something "undone" every where!! Aahhhh!!! I can't bear to contemplate anymore undone stuff while i am sitting here at work. It's maddening and psycho. Full Moon days are not a good time to think of these things. Ug and double ug!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! :)
I drew a picture this morning. It's a really cute troll nearly as big as a house, sitting by a house with one little tiny ear and one big eye looking into a bedroom during a rain and thunderstorm.
He's listening to a bedtime story. It's really cute. :)
I'm at 160+ pages in my book!

Heather said...

Oh no, I didn't want to stress you out by thinking of these things!

Yay for you for praying with the kids before you left, and for getting out and getting fresh air and exercise!

I think the important thing about prioritizing and to-do lists is not that everything has to be done, but that you can be happy with what was accomplished, knowing that it's important.

Mama Bear... .. . said...

it's nice to know we all have lots of undone tasks.

but we all have a few list items that get checked off! relish in that portion of the list and then take a deep breath and smile.