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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Working Mom Blues and the case of my irrresponsibility with our checkbook

Well here i am again. It's 2am and all is well other than that I am here and not snuggled up in bed with my man and my baby. The lousy industrial "gourmet" coffee in the pot laughs fiendishly at my plight to stay awake. It knows that I can't stomach it even when I am near exhaustion. I almost always throw out half the cup I pour due to disgust. I will admit I am a coffee snob, but there are worse vices than expensive coffee.
I failed to mention (or perhaps chose not to mention) that I failed to balance our check book for quite sometime. I knew that the tax refund had come. In my mind, ignorance is bliss (until I must balance the checkbook). After I knew I couldn't let it go any longer, the woeful day approached. My carefree days to the grocery store and Costco I knew were coming to a rapid closing.
"There is how much in the checking account?!" my husband asked me incredulously. Not that he was angry, just a little unhappily shocked. He had wanted to use that money for $2,000 insurance premium that our fire fighting equipment requires to contract with the forest service. I had over spent about $1000 (or more). Hence and alas, here I am once again sipping industrial joe and its by my own doing. When will I ever learn?
Next weekend he is going to another gun show to resell ammo. He informed that I would not be going along because I spend too much money. I feigned offense. I decided that it was best not to argue. He's planning to eat sandwiches and sleep in his pull behind trailer. At the last gun show he conceded to a motel with a swimming pool and the "Hu Hot". As you can see, he may on to something.
I am hoping to get together with various women and do some immature activities. I have notified several of them and they are willing to entertain me in my time of isolation. I'm hoping I don't get into too much trouble while he is away. Until then I will behave and pick up a few shifts as a token of my repentance.
I am wondering if any of you women out there have any good suggestions to me not spending money. Is it possible? Perhaps I will need to call a fast and set aside continual prayer times for this agonizing feat. Already tonight I have bid on an ebay wetsuit. The cold rivers have beckoned to my kayak and I must comply. My children are wary of my braving them without a wetsuit.
Yesterday I made egg salad sandwiches for a cheap meal (and to use the left over colored eggs). My children refused to eat them and instead consumed left over hot dogs and buttered bread. Wait until they find out I will be serving economeals all month - wha ha ha ha!! What excuse will I use for this plight? Hmmm....a fiendish woman spent our money while i happened to be uhh... blogging - yeah that's it.


"Indescribable" said...

I seriously think you need a good cup of coffee to really think on this situation your in... I'll join you via the blog site.... what is a coffee snob (wink)

Molly said...

Oh I hate money! Praying things straighten out real soon. That can be so stressful.

Heidi Jo the Artist said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I look forward to reading more posts of yours.

Heidi Jo the Artist
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