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Monday, April 6, 2009

Tricked Out Shed Hunters

Pictured here is Catman wanting yet another "rest stop". Also my husband and I with my first official "shed" find.

OK, I usually don't post this many days in a row, but today I did something new I've never (officially) done before hence today's post.
After a busy night working as an Emergency Room Nurse in a small rural hospital, I was ready for something relaxing. The clock ticked by way too slow last night making my 12 hours seem like eons. Not to mention any time I am 12 hours away from my baby I begin to fixate on parts of my anatomy which begin to become rather swollen and uncomfortable. In my mind I have monstrous appendages which are ready to explode upon impact. There are hazard signs flashing all around me and patients and doctors alike are fearful that the great milky volcano may erupt at any time. My wild imagination places me preforming a very delicate job assisting with sutures. Under high pressure, we cauterise the patients bleeding wound. Just as I relax, the great milky bombs unleash their fury and the doctor and patient are horrified as my shirt becomes soaked and dripping, contaminating a sterile field. Am I the only one who entertains such fears? Please, don't answer that. Luckily I didn't assist with any sutures last night and my scrub top remained dry with the help of Lasinoh.
That was totally off subject. Well anyway, after I slept the morning away and the children had finished their school assignments I was ready for some fresh air. I tried rather half heatedly to get my husband to go kayaking with me. When that attempt failed, I tried for a hike. At last we settled on their latest favorite pass time, shed hunting.
The idea of hiking around the forest looking for dead deer horns is not all that appealing to my sense of adventure, however, it is close enough to exercise to be palatable. The children piled into the back of our old Toyota and my husband was off down a remote unmaintained road. I will never fully understand what thrill he derives from driving down untravelled roads. Driving through snow and slush where no one has gone all winter makes him happy. It makes me nauseated. I began to feel rather grumpy. Eventually he had conquered what he needed to and we were off on a remote hillside.
The children spread out with a sense of great excitement. Just these past few weeks they have again discovered the monetary value of antlers. Not only is it a cool discovery from an animal, its like finding money out in the woods.
I, on the other hand was not as excitable. It suddenly dawned on me that this was going to be a lot of exercise. Not only were we hiking up hill where the snow was freshly melted, but I was also packing Moonbeam on my back along with water bottles and whatever else junk I had stuffed into the baby pack. Realization began to painfully dawn the higher I climbed. Suddenly I saw it!! It was a 4 point antler in perfect condition! I yelled out "I found one!". Every one came to look. They were all quite impressed. "That one's worth $5 or $10" one of my children informed me. It takes quite a bit to impress my kids. Suddenly I became a celebrity in the family and I became much more interested in becoming a mighty shed hunter. The fresh air was nice. The workout was challenging. The family time, priceless.

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"Indescribable" said...

COOL! What will you do with it? Sell it or keep it as a memento?

I remember fishing with the family - the first time I fished with my step kids. They all gave up and went to the car for sandwiches - it was drizzling and I wasn't having fun, but did stay out b/c I wasn't going to give up! of course I caught something, it was a dinky trout, real dinky - like unfair that I caught it. Everyone was in the car eating and wishing they were home or something until I came up to the car dragging it on my line across the street flipping around - they all wanted to know where I caught it!