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Monday, April 27, 2009


A very exciting event took place this weekend - monumental. It's something i didn't think possible. It all started with our girls accountability group. A couple of them were talking about going running together. Immediately I was feeling a little jealous. I always wish I could run. "Why don't you run?" I asked myself. Miss Belly Fat answered "You can't run" she explained. "Why not?" I asked. Fear of animal attacks has kept me from running since I've lived here. Now with Mist living so relatively close by, I started to think that maybe we could run together. "You haven't run a mile nonstop since junior high" Miss Belly Fat reminded me. I didn't care. I decided to do it by faith.
Early that morning I woke up several times. I was so excited. I dawned 3 running bras with a running shirt (I always thought I might start running someday), a running leotard with a pair of too big running shorts (that I got at a second hand store), and finally some running shoes. I had tried to sell the shoes on eBay but they never sold. I had an entire running attire (and then some). I even put my hair up to look like one of those runner type people.
Then I baked some granola. I'm pretty sure that runners eat granola. After that, I grabbed a few last minute things and headed out the door. Mist met me exactly at 8:50 am (ten minutes early) at our designated spot. I reminded her that I haven't run since high school. She said it would be o.k.. We started running. After about a block, I was ready to rest but I didn't want Mist to know. I kept going. "Something about you seems like you might be a runner" Mist informed me. "Its the leotard" I told her. After about a half a mile, we walked so I could catch my breath. Then we finished the mile with lots of encouragement from Mist. Then we walked another mile. We decided to try running the last mile back without stopping. HONESTLY I didn't think I could do it. I just kept saying "I think I can", "I know I can", (like the little train). I was amazed and shocked. I had run two miles (and walked two miles). Wow, this was very exciting. I hugged Mist fervently and thanked her as if she had just donated a kidney. She smiled.
I think we are going to start running together a few times a week. Maybe this is just the thing I need to defeat Miss Belly Fat once and for all!!!


Ramblings of a Crazy Mom said...

#1 Great job on the running. It's hard to overcome that I don't think I can do it attitude. I use to run before our last baby and hope to get back to it after I'm completely healed from surgery.

#2 Thank you for the laugh envisioning your running attire.

"Indescribable" said...

you know... ms bf isn't going to like it if you run.. she's going to move out on you! seriously!

ENJOY! I used to be a runner. From age 35 - 40. It was fun. I started out very winded but was so rewarded b/c the 20 min I was running was 20 min I wasn't eating and so when I returned from my run I didn't want to ruin my 20 min fast by eating - so I would challenge myself to hold out for another hour and just drink lots of water.... I really liked running, I sorta miss it, maybe I should take it up again - the bible says train a child up right - I'm sure it includes running. I just don't know where I would find the proper attire....

Molly said...

Way to go girl, You are so cute. I love you. And you crack me up. I really need to start running too. Praise Jesus you have someone for motivation and company.

Heather said...

I am so proud of you!

You rock.